How long does it take to make perfume (natural eau de parfum)?

About 2 years in our case… It all started, as most good plans do, with a vision that excited us from the moment the idea was planted into our minds. We can create and sell natural eau de parfum perfumes inspired by the natural world that we love, and all made from natural ingredients – a perfect combination.

We spent lots of time and effort researching, planning, learning, and discussing with experts in perfumery. We brought the attributes of having a good brief, patience, and determination which was a good starting point. It was clear to us though that we needed the skills of a master perfumer to bring creative flair, a trained nose, knowledge of the regulations, a laboratory, and the right ingredients to help make our vision a reality.

We had an idea quite early on for the brief for our master perfumer – we wanted to create a range of natural perfumes inspired by some of the landscapes and habitats of the British Isles, using natural ingredients sourced from and ideally able to grow in the British Isles. A day spent in a perfumery laboratory, and lots of follow up calls and meetings, brought the vision to life…and some of the realities of our rose-tinted ideas.

It does not really take 2 years to make perfume of course, but this labour of love was an iterative process involving much testing, tweaking, and refining of ingredients with our perfumer.

We learnt a lot about perfume during those 2 years:

  • how ancient-a-craft making perfume is (literally thousands of years old)
  • how sensitive our noses really are, and how you can ‘train’ your nose (really your brain) to recognise specific scents, as well as needing to learn new descriptive language to communicate what we smell
  • the powerful associations between scents and memory or feelings, and how memories or feelings can come flooding back when we smell a scent associated with them. Some people even associate colours with different scents
  • about top, middle, and base notes, and how to combine them
  • how to find and select high quality natural ingredients to fit within our brief
  • the differences between eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de cologne (our fragrances are all natural eau de parfum which has a higher concentration of fragrance)
  • that there are a lot of regulations…and they change over time, so keeping up is a job in itself (fortunately that is where our master perfumer also steps in to assist)
  • about how most of the perfumes sold are made by just a handful of companies most people have never heard of, and roughly 80% of these using synthetic ingredients made in a laboratory
  • and we also learnt that it takes time, patience and determination to go from a descriptive brief on paper to a finished perfume that hits the right notes.


After many iterations, testing and getting feedback, we finally settled on our first 5 fragrances which are described in more depth on our website. We are delighted with the results with a range that appeals to many different people – especially those with a love of nature. Of course, we would love you to love them all, but different opinions are a good thing so just loving one of them is fine with us.