Lavender field

Natural perfume – making sense and scents of nature

A deliberate play on words which captures the heart of what we are all about. Making sense of nature has been a lifelong passion and career that, through twists of fate and a heap of faith, has led us to launching Scents of Nature and our first range of natural perfume.

We hope you like and enjoy our new natural perfume (all are eau de parfum) which are inspired by our love of the natural landscapes of the British Isles – ‘Woodland‘, ‘Heathland‘, ‘Meadow‘, ‘Coastal‘, and ‘Wildflower‘. You can find out more about our fragrances elsewhere on our website but for now here is a brief history of how we got to this point and why.

We feel incredibly fortunate to enjoy a wider family-run farm that has been supporting and enhancing nature through various projects for many years. From creating a natural spring-fed pond, wildflower meadows, and new woodland, to maintaining and enhancing field margins and hedgerows. The farm has always been run with the aim of helping wildlife by increasing biodiversity, and in particular to encourage pollinators to thrive (there have been lots of published studies on the decline of pollinators and how this will have serious implications for biodiversity and food production).

One of the ways the farm aims to help pollinators is to plant nectar-rich flora, and one of the plants much loved by bees and butterflies is lavender. To cut a long story short, a decision was taken to diversify the farm, and the idea of establishing a lavender field as a new biodiversity project was floated (you can catch a glimpse of the lavender field in some of the images on our website).  This has the triple benefit of supporting pollinators, being very attractive, and enabling fragrance-related products to be produced.

Hence the idea of creating Scents of Nature was born; to design, brand, and sell natural perfumes (we hope the first of many fragrance products), freeing the farm to focus on managing the biodiversity projects. We employed the help of a British master perfumer for our first fragrance range; taking our inspiration from and helping to support nature.

There is a lot more to share about our natural perfumes, our challenges in finding environmentally friendly packaging, and our path to get where we are today, but I hope you get a sense of the passion for and focus on nature in this first article,  and an idea of what we’re about and why. In making Scents (and sense) of nature we want to do our bit to continue to help and care for it – and foster and encourage greater awareness through our products. Thanks for reading.