Our british fragrance

Born out of a passion for and a career protecting British wildlife, Scents of Nature is the brand and online presence for nature-related products produced by the family-run farm.

We have never been perfume Geeks...

We are a small family-run business of nature lovers with a desire to encourage greater awareness of nature conservation and biodiversity. Jon looks after Scents of Nature while Caroline runs a consultancy business providing specialist advice on the laws protecting our habitats and species… so we have some in-house knowledge.

The farm has always been run with the aim of helping wildlife by enhancing biodiversity. In 2016 when researching how we might support pollinators, we realised that planting a lavender field is a great way to do this whilst also allowing us to produce our own lavender oil. Lavender is a major ingredient in the perfume industry, but most commercially available perfumes are manufactured abroad using synthetic ingredients and imported into the UK.

This led to an appealing and exciting idea to produce our own range of quintessentially British natural perfumes – but where to start? As outdoorsy types, we are often baffled by mainstream perfume advertising campaigns (we own more waterproofs and wellies than ball gowns and high heels…). We needed to find a more natural fit for us. Having travelled widely across the British Isles we feel most at home in the wild habitats on our doorstep and we didn’t need to look far for our inspiration and a vision for our brand and ethos…

The Creation

The first step in making this vision a reality was to appoint a British master perfumer to create a range of fragrances inspired by the landscapes of the British Isles. This marked the beginning of a three-year journey which has resulted not only in the creation of our perfumes but also a lavender field that provides a superb source of nectar for bees and butterflies, and a great deal of pleasure just watching them at work.

Our Ethos


All our perfumes are at least 97% natural. Click to learn more.
All our perfumes are at least 97% natural, blended using pure essential oils and absolutes (both produced from plants). We are striving to get this to 100% natural perfume; however, we use small amounts of laboratory-produced notes to ensure our fragrances have lasting and well-rounded scent profiles. We never use animal-based or animal-tested ingredients.

by Nature

Finding our inspiration.
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We did not need to go too far to find our inspiration. Our fragrances are inspired by the amazing landscapes and flora of the British Isles, which we have been fortunate to experience; and our hope and desire is that future generations will be able to enjoy them too.

Promoting biodiversity

Protection and enhancement.
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A key part of our ethos is to promote the protection and enhancement of biodiversity in nature. This is close to our hearts and is demonstrated through a career spent advising on policy implementation and protection of wildlife sites in the UK. We are proactively delivering projects to enhance nature and increase biodiversity through the farm.

Ethical & Environmentally-Friendly

We work to an ethical business code.
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We always work to an ethical business code and strive for sustainability and environmentally responsible packaging and ingredient sourcing. Our bottles are chosen deliberately to have screw-necks so that the pumps can be removed, and the bottles can be either re-used or re-cycled. Our boxes, card inserts, and wood wool filling are FSC sourced and can also be re-used or re-cycled.


We are a family-run business.
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We are a family-run business and are keen on supporting our local community and economy; sourcing as much as we can through local British companies.